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Must-haves on Your Baby Registry (Part 2)

Updated: May 1, 2021

10 MORE essential and practical must-haves on your baby registry.

Here's part 2 of 1. If you haven't checked out part 1 yet, you can find it here.

If you're a parent-to-be, a seasoned parent but looking for ideas, or a gift giver who’s looking for inspiration for a baby shower present, you came to the right place!

The items I’ve listed below are what I personally found helpful to have on my baby shower list. I made this post in hopes of inspiring you and helping you with ideas. I wasn't just looking for the typical items like diapers and cute baby clothes, I wanted to put items that ultimately were:




-and/or reusable.

Without further ado, here are 10 more baby registry must-have suggestions for you.

#11-#12 hand sanitizer and all-purpose wipes and sprays

These can definitely come in handy with a growing baby and active toddler. If you need to clean surfaces or toys, especially when they’re putting everything in their mouths, I would definitely say having these items are a plus on your registry! Here are a few that I’ve tried.

I actually didn’t know I needed one of these until someone gifted it to me. It was so helpful that I felt like I had to get another one! All the pockets are super convenient, and it packs a good amount of items. I put diapers, wipes, rash cream, extra burp cloths, a changing pad, my mom-essentials for breastfeeding, and so forth in there. Even just having one diaper caddy is a game changer. I would bring it with me downstairs or when staying overnight somewhere. It’s so easy to travel with, just grab it and go. Here’s the one I have (diaper caddy), but there are tons out there that could fit any parent's style and preference .

Get more than one--one on the go, one in the car, one in your diaper caddy (haha). These have been so helpful! And by this time, I’m sure you know how much I like easy, on-the-go items. I opted out of a traditional stationary changing area and just used these around the house. Once my baby got bigger, and I didn't feel the need to lug around a big ol' diaper bag, I brought along a changing pad when we were running errands or out and about instead.

-Here's a changing pad that was super handy when my little one started moving a lot more and wanted to touch everything.

Can you say compact and multi-purpose? Yes to this! You can use this product for an endless amount of things. I use it for my toddler’s snacks, my own snacks, and to store little knickknacks. It’s such a nifty product! Here’s a quick video of me sharing a bit more about it.

I know there are baby pouches at the store that you can just buy, and it really depends on you and your parenting style. But for me personally, I really enjoyed using this and knowing exactly what ingredients my kiddo was having. Often times when I looked at labels on baby foods, a lot of them had extra additives and sugar that’s really not needed. So I opted out of buying the pouches and would just make my own in bulk and freeze them.

I used a few different types of bottles and breastmilk containers. This one in particular I really liked and decided to put it on here, because of the ease of use and the space it saved. I wouldn’t have to transfer breastmilk into a separate bottle. Instead, I would pump breastmilk directly into the pouches using the pump attachment and easily attach the pouch to the Kiinde bottle when ready. It was significantly helpful and easy, especially for a new mom just getting the hang of things. Check it out. It’s pretty cool!

Yes I definitely put this on my baby registry, because mama needs some love too. It’s better to have these sooner than later, especially the first few weeks of just having a baby. I swear, these were a life saver. I wore them everywhere, and they were presentable enough that I still felt a bit put together given the lack of sleep and everything else that comes with being a new mom.

These colorful, versatile and multifunctional rings are great for practicing a variety of development for your baby while also helping to secure items. Rings help them practice their grip, experience sensory play, and encourages eye-hand coordination. Later on, you can still use these rings to start talking about shapes, colors, categories, and so much more. Aside from it being a learning toy, I also would attach the rings to other toys and pacifiers so they wouldn't fall on the floor. It’s great because you can make it as long or as short as you need it to be.

Though I love all the items on this list, I decided to put this as #20, because it is by far, BY FAR one of the best items I could recommend to people. My husband and I love it, and people are always amazed by it. This little transformer makes life so much easier when we don’t have to lug around a separate stroller. It’s a car seat and stroller all in one. It’s easy to maneuver, and it’s not that heavy considering its dual-purpose abilities. Doona for the win!

Well folks that’s it! I hope you found these products and suggestions to be as helpful as it has made my life as a new parent. Subscribe to my website for more parent-friendly tips and suggestions. Happy buying!

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