Must-haves on Your Baby Registry (Part 1)

Updated: May 1

10 essential and practical must-haves on your baby registry.

Are you a parent-to-be? Are you already a parent but looking for ideas? Or are you a gift giver who’s looking for inspiration for a baby shower present? Well you came to the right place!

The items I’ve listed below are what I personally found helpful to have on my baby shower list. I made this post in hopes of inspiring you and helping you with ideas. I wasn't just looking for the typical items like diapers and cute baby clothes, I wanted to put items that ultimately were:




-and/or reusable.

So here are the top 10 items on my baby shower list.

#1 and #2 wipes and diaper FUNDS

We all know diapers are great and functional presents, but

opt out of receiving the actual diapers. Instead, go for diaper and diaper-related FUNDS. Why you ask? Even though there’s information out there of roughly how many diapers in what size you should buy and you can return them, resell them or give the excess away, why bother doing that extra step? Sometimes you might need more size 1 diapers versus size 3 diapers. You just don’t know until your baby comes. Why bother wasting the space for diapers of varying sizes that you might need, especially if you’re limited in space. What I did was asked for wipes and diaper FUNDS in the form of money or giftcards (i.e., Amazon giftcards, Target giftcards, Walmart giftcards, etc.).

Plus, for present givers these two items are easier to buy as compared to figuring out what size diapers you think they’d need, or if other people already got too many of that specific size, etc. etc.

And with wipes, I haven’t had to buy wipes for my little one for more than a year, because I got so many at my baby shower. Some people might be thinking, “well there’s so many wipes out there, and you don’t know if the parents have a specific brand preference…or once the baby’s born if his skin will be sensitive, so on and so forth.” I was very aware of these things both as a soon-to-be parent and also a baby shower gift giver. So for my baby, I started out with a brand that had minimal ingredients and was more natural as compared to other wipes. On my baby shower list I added a few boxes of water wipes.

Here’s a bonus. Throughout my journey of looking for baby-related items, especially for items for my baby’s first few years of life and given that I was more cautious of the ingredients in those products, I used a great app called Think Dirty. It rates items (not just baby things but a host of other products like shampoos and house cleaners) o